Daring to Share

By the Authors of Karis Support Society and Diana Reyers

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In November 2018 we were fortunate to meet Diana Reyers when she launched her first book in the collaborative Daring to Share Global™ storytelling series.  This event resonated with a few of the women in our program as it was a dream of theirs to share their stories of struggle, addiction, trauma and recovery and to become published authors.

It turned out that this project fit so perfectly with our Dream Project that we invited Diana in to meet the class and it took off from there!!  Diana worked tirelessly with the women and together they created Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery – Special Edition 2019  which was launched in September 2019.

The six authors of this Karis Special Edition are women experiencing successful recovery and they worked with Diana for 8 months to create a masterpiece collection of stories with the degree of resilience that most of us wish we had.  They are not stories of addiction, but rather, stories of moving from the trauma that led them to addiction and the courage they found to move past their adversities to full recovery.

Both Karis Support Society and the Daring to Share Global™ Movement believe in the power of Love, Grace and Inclusivity and, as a result, these writers were given the chance to, not only become published authors, but intentionally pay it forward and support others through the power of inspiration by sharing their stories.

Including the Karis book, Diana Reyers has published and self-funded 3 books in the Daring to Share series through Influence Publishing. Her intention and that of each collaborative author  she supports is only to inspire.  They want to inspire others to dig deep and find the courage to take a step forward towards leading a life that is purposeful and of service while working through the cathartic writing process and all the trade-offs that appear along the way.

In just one day we accomplished the incredible victory of achieving the Amazon Top 10 Bestseller List status in the categories of Inspiration, Spirituality and Personal Transformation.

We invite you to purchase Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery -Special Edition 2019!! By doing so, you will be supporting Karis Support Society as partial proceeds of the sale of each book are donated to the Karis Dream Project. You can find this beautiful biographical collection at Daring to Share Global™ or online at Amazon worldwide and online and instore in select Indigo Books.  Be prepared to be inspired!!

We are eternally grateful to Diana for the dedicated input, love and support she gave our women and walking through this journey with them.  She quite literally made all these women’s dreams come true!

Praise for Our Karis Authors and Their Amazon Bestselling Book, 

Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery – Special Edition 2019

These stories of recovery take you from a place of awe and heartbreak to grit and resilience. They inspire you to take action in your life, no matter what is going on for you, to be a better person. Those that dared to share did so with grace, humour, and great self-reflection. As tears streamed down my face, I found myself lost in the stories as they moved from darkness to light. You can find real seeds of inspiration and by just reading one story, you could bloom to a greater perspective in your own life.

~ Tamara McLellan, Humanitarian | Wild Breath, Kelowna British Columbia

The readings of these stories bring out the real in women and their traumatized journeys through life. Their courage to manage life, to belong in a place where they finally feel safe and are able to heal and move towards a new life with new meaning is remarkable. They all believe in the hope of recovery from many injuries as this book of inspiring stories shares Trauma to Recovery.    

~Angie Lohr , Founder, Hope Outreach

After reading Diana’s collected stories, I felt grateful and inspired. Grateful because it is apparent that I and many others are NOT alone in our separate journeys. Inspired because each of these women stepped up to share their stories in order to provide strength and to elevate others. They confirm that each of us walks a different path but our goals and finish-lines are the same as we all seek the love and connection that allows us to thrive emotionally.  

~ Bill Welychka, Co-host & Co-Producer of The Morning Show

on Global News Kingston, Ontario

As a fellow author (volume 1), I was excited to read these stories and was drawn in and captivated by their beautiful storytelling. It is so telling that we all experience similar emotions and times of trauma, despair and feeling lost. The courage, commitment to doing the inner work, to love one’s self is daunting at times, yet so rewarding. These women did it with strength alongside the people – earth angels – who came into their lives to help them see their full potential. Their stories will impact and make a huge difference in the lives of others.

~ Donna Fitzgerald, Collaborative Author of Daring to Share, Volume 1

Being part of the journey of this book and meeting Diana has made a huge impact on my life, both personally and professionally. Until working with Diana on this particular

Dream Project, I didn’t realize how much authenticity was actually missing in my life. The Daring to Share movement gave me insight into how powerful sharing one’s story and true self can be. Watching Diana walking the path of authenticity with our women in recovery has been an inspiration. She is strong, stands in her truth and yet has such great love and care for these women. She guided them to create the most amazing stories of truth they can be proud of and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this whole movement. 

~Philippa Douglas, 

Head of Fundraising, Karis Support Society

 Project Coordinator of The Dream Project; Daring to Share

 From the first in-class writing session Diana held with the women in our addictions recovery program she created a professional and transparent mentoring relationship with the women. This relationship has proven to be necessary as each writer entered their own personal and vulnerable journey of expression though writing. The creative experience that Diana has guided these women through has produced curiosity, purpose and hope resulting in a rich therapeutic journey. Anticipation is rising as we move closer to the release of this publication and the stories that will undoubtedly impact each reader.

~ Deborah Klassen, 
Co-Executive Director Karis Support Society

Praise for Our Karis Authors and Their Amazon Bestselling Book, 

Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery – Special Edition 2019

Founder of Daring to Share Global™ 

It turned out that this project fit so perfectly with our Dream Project

You can find this beautiful biographical collection at Daring to Share Global™ 

or online at Amazon worldwide

and online and instore in selectIndigo Books

Purchase Your Copy Here 

Parenting Room Renovation

Thank you to the following donors for their contribution to the renovation of our parenting room:  

Mennonite Central Committee Thrift Shop

Okanagan TELUS Community Ambassadors

Rotary Club of Kelowna


Rotary Club of Kelowna

Karis Best of Kelowna

We’ve received a nomination in the category of Best Local Charity for #bestofkelowna 2019.   We require at least five nominations in a given category to be eligible for the voting round.  We would be honored if you would consider nominating us for Best Local Charity!

These awards highlight what we do and how we contribute to addiction and recovery services in our community.

Nominations are open until April 19th!  Just click here to nominate us bestof.kelownanow.com/

Thanks to Carolily Finery

Thank you to Carolily Finery for their incredible support this past year!  Since we met Donna and Danielle they have included us in a number of events and promotions and will be running a jewelry making workshop with our girls later this month.  

They have helped promote Karis and donated to Karis and we are so grateful for these 2 gorgeous women.   For more information on Carolily Finery visit www.carolily.com

Dressed for Success

Please join us for a fun, fabulous ladies evening to raise funds for women in recovery!  Together with Carolily Finery and Georgie Girl Vintage Clothing we’ll be hosting a vintage & retro apparel inspired fashion show featuring 6 of our gorgeous Karis participants who are all currently in our program!  Join us as we celebrate their success and journey through recovery. 
The event includes delicious food, drinks and fabulous inspirational guest speaker Doris Karvonen along with some amazing goodies to be won! 
We’ll also be showcasing a new non-profit organization called “Dress for Success Kelowna”, as they have recently launched in the Okanagan and we’d love to share with you their work in our community!  They will be working with women to empower, dress and prepare them for job interviews. 

Karis wins airtime award

Karis is proud to have been awarded the Jim Pattison Broadcast Group Community Airtime Award, in partnership with Mr. Lube & Fresh Air Concept and Experience!

Starting in January 2018 we are looking forward to 6 months of valuable radio exposure for Karis Support Society and women in recovery.

The Dream Project


Karis Support Society offers our participant’s recovery focused counselling, programming and support. Part of transitioning back into society is visualizing a future beyond addiction.

Launched in April 2017, the Dream Project aims to inspire, support and equip women as they move through the stages of recovery and aims to help women to live a life that is capable of so much more than they believed possible for themselves.

The Dream Project idea was introduced to Karis by Janice Taylor, founder of Mazu Family and the author of Wisdom. Soul. Startup. Janice graciously donated the proceeds from the launch of her book to Karis Support Society and her passion for helping women in recovery was ignited. At the launch event our ladies were given the opportunity to share their stories of tragedy and triumph.

Over the past year the Dream Project has facilitated and supported many of our ladies in their search for self. Our success stories include:

  • Facilitating the recording of an aspiring singers original song
  • Realizing one woman’s dream to speak publically about addiction where she had the opportunity to address students at KLO Middle School
  • Facilitating a participants dream to take a ‘soul trip’ to Alaska
  • Helping one participant to further her knowledge on caring for her autistic son by funding a course on autism
  • Supporting an aspiring artist to have her own showing at Metro Community’s Red Couch Art Gallery
  • Supporting a participants dream to become a fitness trainer by providing micro loans for her courses and exams


The Dream Project sessions involve bringing in guest speakers on topics that interest or inspire our women.

We are always looking for inspirational, educational and motivational speakers as well as a focus on caring for self. This year we would love to offer our participants experiential activities which get them out in the community, these would include things like hiking, adventure courses, boating and photography.

If you are interested in learning more about the Dream Project and how you can get involved, please contact pdouglas@karis-society.org to learn more about the program.

Areas of focus for 2 of our Aftercare ladies for 2018
  • Humanitarian Trip to Nepal: Realizing C’s life-long dream to visit a children’s home in Nepal.
  • Studies & Bursaries: Helping L to go back to school however she needs bursary funding to help her realize this dream.

The Dream Project by Geri Pauls, co-executive Director of Karis


Stephanie’s Dream

Charlene’s Dream

Over the past year the Dream Project has facilitated and supported many of our ladies in their search for self. Click for more information and how to become involved with the Dream Project.

Cupcakes for Karis Camp

Karis Camp is taking place in September 2017 and is a fantastic time away for Karis women and their children. Many have never been on a holiday before and this may be their first opportunity to build positive long-lasting memories as a family. It is also a wonderful bonding time with other women and their children within the Karis community. For children specifically, it’s an opportunity to play and have fun while building self-confidence. Often, before Karis, these children have not been able to develop and grow in a safe environment so camp is one of their first opportunities to truly “be a kid” with time allotted for active play, education and FUN!


During the three days away, we have organized activities, crafts and nightly campfires. This experience is very much an important part of recovery for families.

How to help Karis make it a reality this year

In order to raise enough money to go to camp, we are having a Cupcake Campaign.  All proceeds from the campaign will go directly to camp.

How much does it cost?

Each goodie for good is $2 plus a $5 delivery fee (to pay for that that growing gas expense!). So let’s say you have a team of 15 and would like 15 treats, the total will be $30 +$5 for delivery.  **Please note there is a minimum order of 10 cupcakes.

We don’t want cupcakes, but we’d like to donate to support camp – is this possible?

Yes! Absolutely! You can donate to support camp by going to clicking here and leaving a note on our donation portal letting us know this donation is specifically for camp.

What dates are you delivering?

We will be offering this door to door delish service from July 15th all the way to August 1st so it’s really up to when it works best for you and your team.

What about allergies?

Let us know if there are any allergies and we will do our best to accommodate.

How do we get involved further with Karis?

We would love your support at Karis. If there is an interest in volunteering, you can reach out to Deborah Klassen at volunteer@karis-society.org. If there’s an interest in donating, you can visit our webpage here. All other inquiries can be sent to info@karis-society.org.