Change of season brings reflection

We love where we live. Kelowna has a unique richness that can be referenced in numerous ways. There is a richness of beauty with every change of season, as mother nature treats us to new visual delights. As Fall has arrived, we have admired how the leaves change from vibrant shades of green to warm hues of yellow and orange. Our immediate surroundings are rich with mountains, lakes, and pristine beaches – they are settings that aid the healing process. However, the richest thing about Kelowna is the immense sense of warmth and community. Time and time again, we witness the residents of Kelowna band together not just in the good times but in the challenging times too. At Karis, we feel privileged to experience this coming together of people firsthand. 

Our blessings are multifaceted, and as the season changes, we reflect even more closely on what these blessings are. 

Our volunteers. 

Karis’s volunteers come in many forms. From businesses to school goers to retired folks, all our volunteers give of themselves selflessly and with an infectious positivity of spirit. We couldn’t do what we do without you. Thank you for bringing even more smiles and laughter to our Karis home – we are forever grateful.

Our participants.

We are honoured to witness healing and transformation in motion. Our participants are some of the bravest, strongest, and committed women we have ever met. They show us that anything is possible, even in the face of some of the most significant adversity. They are the proof that silver linings do exist. What a privilege it is to be part of their journeys. 

Our donors.

Without our donors, Karis would not be able to do the work it does. Our donors give generously and with so much heart. Our gratitude for their life-changing impact goes beyond words.

Our staff.

We are like a family. A community of like-minded people who are driven to do the same thing: transform the lives of our participants. This is done with big hearts, generous souls, and an unwavering commitment to the support of the women in our program. 

We look forward to what this next season brings. We have no doubt it will be filled with joy and even further blessings for us to reflect on in the months ahead.  

Volunteers are our rock

We couldn’t do what we do without them.

Karis is built on many things. It’s built on hope, dedication, resilience, bravery, and love. It’s also built on a solid foundation of individuals that come in many forms. One just needs to walk around Karis to witness the incredible staff, participants, and volunteers that give this home (because that is what it is) its uniquely warm, loving energy.

It goes without saying that our participants are some of the strongest women we know. It takes an immense amount of courage to seek help and to love yourself enough to want change not just for oneself, but in many instances, for one’s children too. To stick your head above the dense, overwhelming haze of addiction and want to better yourself and your situation is indeed courageous. 

However, even the bravest of participants needs the love and dedication of our volunteers. Karis is blessed with a bustle of gallant volunteers doing their thing in, around, and for the organization. With broad smiles and big hearts, they selflessly go about changing lives through their contributions. We are eternally grateful.

Quotes from just some of our many volunteers:

“Sometimes, you win. Sometimes you learn.” – Char, Karis sparkle-maker.

Char… one of our amazing volunteers

Char has been a part of our Karis community for as long as we can remember.  Many have met her and shared in the many jokes she loves to tell.  When the pandemic hit, Karis had to close doors to so many amazing volunteers and friends, losing out on the many services our generous community provided both in class and around the building. As the months progressed, Karis needed to step up our cleaning and sanitization to keep in line with pandemic regulations and ever-changing protocols.  Char stepped in, and she has been a lifesaver!

“Volunteering at Karis Support Society allows me to witness the hope, pride, and confidence the participating women gain through the guidance and compassion of the dedicated staff.” – Colleen, much loved Karis volunteer.

“I love volunteering at Karis. I love the absolute sincere, heartfelt dedication the staff feels for the women who live there. I love the bravery, strength, and determination of the women. They make me feel empowered just by being around them and knowing the challenges they have and facing. When I teach an exercise class, they make me feel that I’m making a difference. When I leave Karis, I feel joyful and empowered. I feel proud to know these brave warriors.” – Alyson, exercise class volunteer.

To each and every one of our volunteers, thank you from all of us at Karis Support Society.