Karis Q&A Time

Karis Society is made up of many personalities and soulful people. From staff, through to participants, everyone contributes to the atmosphere of warmth, love, caring and empathy. This month we share a little more about our much-loved Karis Parenting Coordinator – Em.

Who are you, and what do you do for Karis? 

I have my Bachelor of Social Work and I am the Parenting Program Coordinator for Karis. I work with all the mothers in our program and either help them have their children returned to their care and/or help mother’s maintain their recovery so that their children can stay in their care, by creating a fluid, wholistic and ongoing recovery plan and providing access to parenting classes and other supports for their recovery journey.

What would you say to someone juggling the idea of joining Karis as a participant? 

Just do it! If it isn’t for you, you can leave whenever you choose, but at least give it a chance! You never know, it could save your life, or at least act as a lifejacket until you get ashore!

How can Kelowna locals get involved to further aid Karis’s goals?

Funding is huge as we are a non-profit organization and really want to give these women a real chance at sobriety and long-term recovery. Volunteer time or a talent to teach these women new ideas in order to help them develop more healthy coping mechanisms or even a business endeavour! Childminding is major way to help our mothers as having volunteers child-mind and watch the infants and toddlers so that the moms can attend all the recovery and parenting classes available to them.

Tell us something about Karis that not many people know? 

We have been around for more than 15 years and there are not near enough facilities like us in Canada! We need more! We are also locally owned and operated by the most amazing humans EVER! It is an honour and privilege to work for such a kind and generous organization that truly cares and is actively involved in supporting it’s employees and participants in the program! Thank you!!!

The Karis’s Parenting Program, supports expectant women and moms with babies with teachings and tools for parenting through recovery. The recovery-focused Parenting Program offers life skill development opportunities for women who are pregnant, parenting, or in process of having their children returned to their care. As a support-based program, by providing these opportunities, participants are able to confidently strive towards self-sufficiency and independence.

At Karis, we are stronger together, and this unity starts with the respect and support the staff show for eachother.