A Personal Service Plan supports participants in identifying their needs in regard to their recovery and overall wellbeing. By providing information and flexible guidelines, it equips the participant with the appropriate foundation to take a stance in their care (steps they take to promote and protect their wellbeing). The holistic approach to care allows the participant to personalize their care by catering it to their experience and the strengths they bring to their recovery journey. Furthermore, it helps to inform staff on how best to support them in fulfilling their needs, meeting their goals and building their Recovery Capital. 

The package contains living documents meaning that they are not only specific to the participant but also to their stage of recovery. Some documents are revisited at key milestones in the participants journey through Karis (e.g., Relapse Prevention Plan, Safety Plan, Recovery Capital Assessment, Culture of Addiction Reflection Exercise); while others are completed as the need arises (e.g. Post-Acute Withdrawal Symptoms Assessment, Red Flags Behaviors Exercise, Post-Relapse Exercise). 

Each week participants will be required by their key worker to complete certain portions of the package which have been broken down into units. During their weekly key worker meetings, with the support of their key worker participants will go through the units with the goal of assessing their growth in their recovery, creating action plans (relapse prevention and safety plan). The collaboration with their key worker will also allow the participant the safe space to process through any barriers, triggers or obstacles that arise as they work through the package; gaining invaluable skills that will provide the foundation for future hurdles.