The Tree of Hope is lighting up lives

Some may say that Canada is cold, freezing even. However, we know that it’s anything but. And we’re not just talking about the spectacular Kelowna summers. We’re referring to the warm hearts shown, and the warm smiles distributed so freely by the Kelowna community. 

Everywhere you turn, there is someone doing good. A neighbour plowing another’s snow-laden driveway. A white-haired man and his wife, sitting on their porch, handing out candy to passersby with gentle smiles. Drivers respectfully pulling over for sirens on route to help someone in need. Firefighters that operated tirelessly during the wildfires to protect their Kelowna residents. The list is endless. It is little surprise, then, that The Tree of Hope fund-raising campaign has resonated with the warm-hearted community of Kelowna.

The Tree of Hope has become a symbol of inspiration and has been #raisinghope in the community for 24 years! In partnership with the Landmark District, TD Canada Trust, and the Stober Foundation, Raising Hope 2021 shines the light on the conversation needed around “Women at Risk.” This year they have partnered with NOW Canada and Karis Support Society for the common goal of raising hope for vulnerable women and children in the community. Thanks to the Tree of Hope, every dollar donated to these organisations will be matched by the Stober family (up to the value of $100 000)! These donations will be used to invest in the lives of the women and children supported by these phenomenal non-profits.

Both NOW Canada and Karis Support Society offer counselling, safe housing, life skills, access to therapy, and sustainable, individualised care for vulnerable women. These are safe places where women are nurtured, nourished, and supported until they have successfully transitioned into mainstream society. 

It’s quick and easy to DONATE to this initiative that we are so honoured to be part of this year. Kelowna is once again coming together in a spirit of community and celebration, and we give utmost gratitude to those that have already donated or given of their time to help – you are changing lives!

Raising hope in 2021

We are excited to announce that together with NOW Canada, Karis Support Society has been chosen as joint beneficiary of the annual TREE OF HOPE campaign for 2021.

The giant led-lit Christmas tree is erected each year in the Landmark District, Kelowna and stands as a beacon of hope and goodwill in our community.  It is more than just a holiday symbol. It is also an opportunity to usher in a season of compassion, generosity, and gratitude, all while educating ourselves on issues that face our community and charities that exist to address them. We call this initiative within the celebration, Raising Hope.

In partnership with the Landmark District, TD Canada Trust, and Stober Family Foundation, RAISING HOPE 2021 seeks to highlight, address, and elevate the conversation of “WOMEN AT RISK’.

Together the work of NOW Canada and Karis is focussed on supporting women to transition from a life of addiction, abuse, exploitation and mental health challenges to a life in long-term recovery and self-efficiency. 

This year highlights the importance of supporting local. It has been a challenging year for many in our community, we saw more vulnerable women, youth and children need our programs than ever before. 

Thanks to the TREE OF HOPE, the impact of every dollar donated will be DOUBLED up to $100,000! If you are planning to give this year, please give local. The donations received through the TREE OF HOPE will become an invaluable investment, #RaisingHope for vulnerable women and children in our community.