Glimpses into a day in the life at Karis

Recovery and healing happen in many ways at Karis. It doesn’t simply come about by daily class and program alone. At times the process of healing and recovery may not seem obvious at all, but it’s at play in all that we do. Art, exercise and celebrations are all at the heart of holistic healing. 

We have a multi-faceted approach that requires commitment from all involved. Some elements are more structured in nature, while others just feel like good old fun, serenity and joy.  

Art is part of our tapestry. The artworks that adorn the walls of Karis are not only pops of colour, they are pops of new-found confidence and allow a safe space for self-expression. When one is creating art, there are numerous positive forces at play. Our participants get to be playful again, to feel free and escape in a positive, productive and rewarding way. Art is never right or wrong. It just IS. 

The events at Karis are more commonly referred to as celebrations. Because healing is a celebration. Participants get to attend heartwarming baby showers with gifts and balloons, participate in Easter egg hunts, delicious Christmas lunches and the likes of the annual Nuit En Blanc. There is always a new celebration to look forward to.

The Dream Project is a constant within the Karis program. Participants are introduced and exposed to a variety of career opportunities. It has the further goal of helping the women of Karis rediscover their neglected dreams and interests. Help, hope and sustainable self-sufficiency are at the cornerstone of this phenomenal project.

Exercise is a further must-do at Karis. Physical wellness brings not just health benefits, but also helps to foster a positive self-image. Mentally, exercise is a space to escape negative thought patterns, create a commitment mentality, community and grit. Plus it brings with it natural feel-good endorphins. Our wonderful volunteers offer all sorts of exercise, from cardio to zen-like yoga sessions.

A day in the life at Karis is a sparkle of many diverse things. All of which bring healing, love and joy. We hope you enjoyed just a brief look into a day in our lives.