Daring to Share

BOOK LAUNCH – Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery

DATE:  Saturday, September 21st, 2019
VENUE:  Karis Support Society
TIME:  1 – 5pm

COST:  $55, includes a copy of the book and a chance to meet the women and hear them share bits of their journey

Tickets available on Eventbrite (link: Daring to Share Karis Book Launch )

Join us for an afternoon of storytelling as we celebrate the authors of Daring to Share: Trauma to Recovery!

Six months ago a group of Karis participants undertook an amazing venture … as part of realizing dreams of writing and becoming published authors they were led through a series of writing workshops to produce the most amazing stories of their lives. These women’s stories are real, raw and show incredible strength of character and desire to overcome great barriers and obstacles.

We are forever grateful to Diana Reyers of Daring to Share Global for walking this road with the woman. Diana has taught them, guided them and loved them all and she has produced the most amazing book of their true selves!

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