Karis Support Society offers our participant’s recovery focused programming, counselling and support. Part of transitioning back into society is visualizing a future beyond addiction.

Launched in April 2017, the Dream Project aims to inspire, support and equip women as they move through the stages of recovery and aims to help women to live a life that is capable of so much more than they believed possible for themselves.

The Dream Project idea was introduced to Karis by Janice Taylor, founder of Mazu Family and the author of Wisdom. Soul. Startup. Janice graciously donated the proceeds from the launch of her book to Karis Support Society and her passion for helping women in recovery was ignited. At the launch event our ladies were given the opportunity to share their stories of tragedy and triumph.

Since inception the Dream Project has facilitated and supported many of our women in their search for self. Our success stories include:

  • Facilitating the recording of an aspiring singers original song
  • Realizing one woman’s dream to speak publicly about addiction where she had the opportunity to address students at KLO Middle School
  • Facilitating a participants dream to take a ‘soul trip’ to Alaska
  • Facilitating a participants dream to go on a missions trip to Nepal by connecting her with the non-profit organization, HER International
  • Helping one participant to further her knowledge on caring for her autistic son by funding a course on autism
  • Supporting an aspiring artist to have her own showing at Metro Community’s Red Couch Art Gallery
  • Supporting a participants dream to become a fitness trainer by providing micro loans for her courses and exams
  • Working with local author and publisher, Diana Reyers, to realize the dreams of 5 women in our program to become published authors


The Dream Project sessions involve bringing in guest speakers on topics that interest or inspire our women.

We are always looking for inspirational, educational and motivational speakers as well as a focus on caring for self. 

If you are interested in learning more about the Dream Project and how you can get involved, please contact to learn more about the program.

The Dream Project by Geri Pauls, co-executive Director of Karis

Stephanie’s Dream

Charlene’s Dream