Karis recovery

It’s never too late

That brave first step is where the healing journey begins. 

Karis is here to support, guide, and nurture participants’ return to the world within a safe, supportive environment. Addiction and mental health are often brought on by past and/or current trauma. Through the Karis 3-stage program, participants can learn, heal and go on to genuinely appreciate being alive and feeling well. Karis supports women (and their children) as they walk through the obstacle of their addiction to ultimately achieve a well-rounded life.

Karis provides the building blocks participants need to live independently in the world by focusing on empowerment, goals, and self-sufficiency skills and tools. The healing process is not, and should never be, rushed. In the First-Stage, participants are encouraged to focus solely on recovery through daily recovery specific classes, group facilitation and on-site counselling. However, the foundation tools and skills needed for the Semi-Independent Program are also learnt.

In the Semi-Independent Program (singles and parenting) stage, going back to school and finding employment are encouraged and ongoing support is offered through the Aftercare program.  Aftercare workers provide encouragement and advice as part-time work, or school, is pursued in the gentle shift towards independent community living.

Once successfully transitioned into the community, aftercare workers still serve as advocates and support for participants. Structured support systems outside of Karis allow participants to build on the robust and solid foundations they have developed.

Participants learn relapse prevention, but more than that, they have the necessary toolkit required for interpersonal skills, relationship skills, and financial literacy. Through community collaborations, participants can go on to receive secondary and employment training.

You see? Never give up. With a self-directed Care Plan and a designated key worker to assist with adherence to the plan, a meaningful life is always possible. 

We believe in you. You can believe in yourself too. We’ll show you how.

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