Karis Aftercare Kelowna

Aftercare, there is life.

Karis Support Society’s recovery program for women is different in many ways. One of the primary differentiators is our Aftercare Program. A common misconception is that addiction can be conquered in 21 days. Ever heard the saying: “It takes 21 days to kick a habit”? While there certainly are instances where this is possible, it is rare. Full recovery from a substance use addiction takes closer to 3 years. That is why Karis Support Society is fiercely passionate about our aftercare program. We are there for our participants for the long term. 

Our Aftercare Program is delivered in 3 phases:

PHASE 1: Semi-independent/ on-site aftercare

Upon achieving first stage recovery goals, participants enter into the second stage of recovery in this phase. At this point we support participants with their transition into employment, education, and independent living. We want nothing more than to see our ladies thrive in the world. With self-belief and skills learnt at Karis, success becomes an attainable reality.

PHASE 2: Off-site Aftercare

This is when our participants graduate from on-site living and fly with the wings they have grown, but still with Karis’s support. It’s where solid connections and support in the community are further fostered as participants transition into safe, appropriate, independent living. It’s where all the work towards self-belief, confidence, and clean living really begins to pay off. It’s the time where smiles replace frowns as a new, envisaged life unfolds.

PHASE 3: Alumni

Participants no longer access Aftercare services but continue to maintain their connection to Karis 

through annual social events such as Easter, Celebration, Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners.

Karis Support Society is there for those that so desperately need it. For those that want to take their lives back and live fully and wholesomely. It’s possible to be happy and live the life the little girl in you still dreams of. We’ll take your hand. You’ll feel safe and cared for. You’re not in this alone. Take the first step and keep on climbing with our help. Your strength will grow, and you will flourish. Start believing it.

Don’t look back – that’s not where you’re headed. Contact Karis Support Society today and start moving forwards, onwards, and upwards.

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