Karis Village

Karis Village is for women who are pregnant or have children and need safe housing, good medical care, and support for themselves with hope for the future. Karis Society serves to bring “love into action” and has fully supported, semi-independent and independent residences for women who might be experiencing high-risk pregnancies and/or need the support to move forward into a more positive lifestyle.

Karis Support Society is dedicated to providing a safe environment where recovery from addictions and attention to personal needs will provide the women with an opportunity for healthier pregnancies and a chance to parent their children in a supported environment.

1849 Ethel Street
Kelowna BC V1Y-2Z2

778-478-2239 (tel)
778-436-9580 (fax)


Frequently Asked Questions

How long can a woman stay in Karis Village?
If you come in when you are pregnant you may be here for up to a year after baby is born. There may be exceptions.

After I have been in Karis Village, can I access other housing support homes and services through the Karis Support Society with my baby?
There are opportunities to enter into other Karis housing opportunities if spaces are available. Other Community programs will also be considered, as well as subsidized housing.

Will I be required to take groups/counselling?
Yes, you will be required to participate in house meetings, groups, and work with services providers as planned by the House Manager. This is a time for positive change. Each person will have assigned specific goals individual to her needs. Recommendations made by any prior treatment center or you’re A&D counsellor, will need to be followed through. You will be required to have regular medical/pre-natal care and meet all medical and developmental needs of your baby.

Am I allowed to attend A&D meetings?
Yes, those which work around the schedule of the program and if it is in your best interest.

If I am prescribed medication can I keep it with me?
While you are a resident at Karis Village, any medications will be required to be stored in a locked cupboard by staff. Your medications will be taken in the presence of the staff, as directed by the prescription. Taking of medication will be observed and documented.

What do I pay?
You’ll buy some of your personal needs, cigarettes if you smoke (we discourage this!)

Where will I get my income?
Your income will come from MEIA and the portion of rent /boarding will come from that to Karis village.

Who will buy diapers, formula, baby needs and my personal items?
Baby food, diapers, formula and your food, personal items (feminine hygiene, toiletries) will be provided. You will be learning how to budget and prepare for being on your own with baby while you are at Karis village.

Will there be a curfew?
You will be expected to be back in Karis Village by 10pm if you do not have a baby, and 7pm if you have a baby. Any exceptions need to be approved by staff prior.

Will I be allowed to have visitors?
Visitors need to be pre-approved by staff prior to being invited to Karis Village. All the women need to feel comfortable in this home.

Will I be able to make phone calls?
There is a house phone upstairs that you will be able to use for local calls. Long distance calls will need to be made by staff with the staff phone, also pre-arrange.

Will I be able to come and go as I please?
During the day you will be expected to be involve in groups or programs. You need to respect the house rules and curfew.

Will counselling be available at Karis Village?
Staff will be supportive and would like to be there for you, to care and listen. If there are specific issues you need counselling with, the House Manager and Client Support Worker will support you in finding such support.

Will I be able to go away for a day or two?
If there is a safety plan in place and staff is fully informed of where you will be and with whom. Your safety and that of your babies is paramount.

Can I have evenings out or weekends away?
If there is concern that you may use drugs or alcohol, you will not be given weekend passes. You need to have a safe plan and be with persons that are positive supports to you.

Can my boyfriend/husband, father of the baby come to visit the house?
This will be reviewed with staff as situations occur. It is preferred that babies Fathers are not coming to the house for visits. Access with baby, and visits can occur other places, and may be supervised if domestic conflict or drug use is a concern with the individual.

What if I know someone in the house is using?
It is important that you inform staff. This is for your safety, your babies’ safety and their safety.

Do you allow people on methadone in the program?
Yes, the methadone will be given to you by staff, and only as prescribed and locked up.

What do I do if I feel scared I may hurt my baby?
Do not be afraid to ask for help from the staff. You may need to have baby go into respite care so you can rest, and re-evaluate your medications or relapse prevention plan.

Can I smoke cigarettes?
During pregnancy and after a baby is born, especially if a new mother is breast-feeding, smoking is discouraged. There will be no smoking permitted inside the home. One of the goals at Sutherland House is to protect the unborn baby from toxin exposure. Cigarette smoking is toxic to the unborn baby.

Can I have visits with my other children?
You will be able to have visits with your children in the home, although they will need prior approval by the House Manager. Your children will be permitted to have meals with you at Sutherland House, if it is pre-arranged. Sutherland House staff will not be able to supervise your access with your child if supervision is required.

What happens if I have a relapse?
If you relapse your commitment to your recovery will need to be re-evaluated. You will need to meet with you’re A&D worker as soon as possible to discuss further measures for relapse prevention. Drug use is not condoned. We want to assist mothers in successfully abstaining from drugs and alcohol and prevent pregnancies with drug-affected newborns.

If I relapse can I breastfeed?
No breastfeeding for three days after any drug use.

Will I be drug tested while I live there?
Yes, you will be randomly drug tested. You may also be required to submit to hair analysis testing. Your baby when born may have his or her meconium drug tested.

Will I have a file with Ministry for Children and Family Development? MCFD?
Yes, there may be a Family Service file opened with MCFD. There may be a Supervision Order in place or a support services agreement. Your willingness and commitment to abstain from substance abuse, and capacity to parent your baby in a positive and healthy manner will determine the extent of MCFD involvement.
Any child protection concerns will be reported to the House Manger.